Cable Power Spliter, 1-8

Generic DC 12V Power Supply 1 to 8 Way Power Splitter Cable for CCTV Cameras DVR


This 1 to 8 power splitter cable is perfect for CCTV security camera application in home or office, you can manage your power more efficiently with it.
You can simply plug the female jack into an AC to DC power adapter to power multiple electronic devices.
Convenient and cost effective way to power up 8 cameras with 1 power adapter
This DC Power Adapter Y Cable Pigtail splits 1 power signal into 8 and is useful for powering multiple cameras from one central adapter,use this power splitter cable instead of other extra cords.
DC “Y” Pigtail allows up to eight security camera connections to a single power adapter.


Material: Plastic External,Copper。
Color: Black
Type: 1 Female to 8 Male
Total Length: approx 39cm
Main line: OD 4.5 22 / 0.12AS × 2C
Sub-line: OD 2.6 10 / 0.12AS × 2C
Plug Specifications: DC5.5 × 2.1MM, DC5.5 × 2.5MM, DC3.5X1. 35MM and other DC male and female head size specifications.

Шифра: 2006


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