BG30/1004/HS – 1000kg

BG30/1004/HS – 1000kg


Electromechanical HIGH SPEED BRUSHLESS motor, low voltage, super intensive use, with native encoder onboard, irreversible ideal for sliding gates up to 1000 kg with built-in digital controller B70 series, magnetic limit switch.

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Max gate weight: 1000 kg
Power line supply: 230V AC – 50Hz
Motor power supply: 36V
Power rating: 590W
Frequency of use: Intensive use
Thrust: 50 – 800N
Operating temperature: -20+55°C
Protection level: IP43
Reductor Type: Irreversible
Manoeuvre speed: 20 m/min (0.33 m/s)
Limit switch: Magnetic
Onboard control unit: B70/1DCHP
Encoder: Digital native encoder + magnetic digital SENSORED, 4096 PPR
Batteries recovery: Optional 2 external battery 12V 4,5AH
Type exit gear: Z17/mod 4
Operating cycles per day (opening/closing – 24 hours no stop): 800
Maximum dimension product in mm (L x W x H): 346 x 180 x 362
Product weight packed (Kg): 19,6

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