Conventional heat detector (58°C fixed temperature and 8ºC/min thermal rate of rise). Led status indicator and output for remote pilot indicator PAD-10. White color. Allows installation without polarity. Requires connection base Z-200 or Z-200-H. Anti-theft system (only with Z-200). CPR certificate EN 54-5. Dimensions: 100 x 40 mm.

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The 200 series of conventional detectors has been developed using the most innovative technical advances. Its
completely new design makes the 200 series one of the most elegant on the market, ideal for facilities in which
the balance between functionality and aesthetics is necessary.
Detnov’s 200 range of conventional detectors is made up of 4 detector types, all of them available with and
without isolator. There are a 58ºC rise-of-rate detector, a 78ºC heat detector, an optical detector and an opticalheat detector. All of them are compatible with Detnov’s CCD-100 and ECO families of conventional control
The DTD-210A rise-of-rate detector detects a quick temperature increase in a fixed period of time, or a
temperature higher than 58ºC. In both cases the detector will go into alarm status, and the detector’s integrated
LED will light up. The temperature control is carried out through a thermistor which is controlled by a circuit,
based on the most advanced technology.
The 200 series detectors require the Z-200 base in order to connect. This connection base includes a blocking
option which avoids it being tampered with. A tool is needed to remove the detector from the base.
Detectors in this series have non-polarity technology, facilitating system wiring and saving a huge amount of
time in commissioning the system.

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