The Repeater fire alarm panel is designed to work with Teletek Electronics addressable fire alarm panels IRIS, IRIS PRO and SIMPO.

It is used to display the current events of the connected to network addressable panels.

The connection between Repeater panel and other addressable panels IRIS, IRIS PRO and/or SIMPO is via redundant network module based on RS485 interface.

The information for events are visualized on LCD display and LED indication for the system status.

– Maximum number of fire alarm panels in network – 64.
– Maximum distance between two panels – up to 1000m.
– Built-in real time clock.
– Latest software and firmware update – via micro USB.

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Operation with Repeater Panel is supported for the following revisions of the panels:

IRIS fire alarm panel:

  • LCD PCB Hardware revision: 2.4 and higher
  • MAIN Board Firmware revision: 4.2 and higher

SIMPO fire alarm panel:

  • MAIN Board Firmware revision: 2.8 and higher
Power Supply:
– from the panel AUX/GND
– external (24 ±4)VDC
Maximum power consumption 0.11A
Communication RS 485
Twisted pair cable UTP CAT 5:
– maximum length between repeater and panel max. 1000m.
– cross Section 0.5-2.5mm²
Protection class IP40
Color, Material White, ABS
Dimensions of panel 200x330x48mm
Maximum number of supported panels in network 64
Network type Ring topology
Memory LOG 10 000 events
Multi language support YES
Operating temperature -5°C to +50°C
Relative humidity resistance. 95%
Weight ~ 770g

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