Standard carbon monoxide detector with electrochemical cell with deep base included. Connection to 2 wires without polarity. Diagnostic LED. Resolution: 1 ppm. Certificate UNE 23300: 1984. Dimensions: 77×100 mm.

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DETNOV’s 500 series of detectors form part of the CMD-500 CO detection system. These have been developed
and certified according to UNE 23300:1984 regulation and the Spanish Technical Building Code [Código Técnico de
The DMD-500 CO detector has been developed using the latest technological advances. Their novel design makes this
range one of the most elegant in the market, ideal for any type of installation and especially for those where a balance
between functionality and aesthetics is needed.
The electrochemical cell and the algorithms used to detect the concentration of CO enable the DMD-500 to provide
high reliability and precision in CO detection. The DMD-500 has 1 ppm resolution and the detector’s response time is
less than 10 seconds.
CO detectors are insensitive to polarity and are connected to the CMD-500 carbon monoxide control panels through
two wires. Any wiring topology is supported to adapt the system to the installation’s requirements. The connection line
can support up to 32 CO detectors with a maximum length of 2 km.

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