HDD Seagate 1TB

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Formatted Capacity 1TB
Guaranteed Sectors 1,953,525,168
Heads 2
Disks 1
Bytes Per Sector 4096
Default Sectors Per Track 63
Default Read/Write Heads 16
Default Cylinders 16,383
Recording Density 1807kFCI
Track Density 352Ktracks/In
Areal Density 625Gfc/In²
Internal Data Transfer Rate 2147MB/s
Maximum Sustained Data Rate, OD Read 180MB/s
ATA Data-Transfer Modes Supported PIO Modes : 0 To 4
Multiword DMA Modes : 0 To 2
Ultra DMA Modes 0 To 6
I/O Data-Transfer Rate 600MB/s
Cache Buffer 64MB
Average Latency 5.1ms
Power-On To Ready < 6.0s
Standby To Ready < 6.0s
Average Seek, Read < 8.5ms
Average Seek, Write < 19.5ms
Startup Current 1.2A
Voltage Tolerance 5V : ±5%
12V : ±10%
Non-Operating -40 To 70 (Ambient °C)
Operating Ambient Temperature 5 (Min °C)
Operating Temperature 70 (Drive Case Max °C)
Temperature Gradient 20°C Per Hour Max (Operating)
30°C Per Hour Max (Non Operating)
Relative Humidity 5% To 90% (Operating)
5% To 95% (Non Operating)
Relative Humidity Gradient 30% Per Hour
Wet Bulb Temperature 26°C Max (Operating)
29°C Max (Non Operating)
Altitude, Operating -304m To 3048m
Altitude, Non-Operating
(Below Mean Sea Level, Max)
-304m To 12,192m
Operational Shock 80Gs At 2ms
Non-Operational Shock 300Gs At 2ms
Vibration, Operating 2Hz To 22Hz : 0.25 Gs, Limited Displacement
22Hz To 350Hz : 0.50 Gs
350Hz To 500Hz : 0.25 Gs
Vibration, Non-Operating 5Hz To 22Hz : 3.0 Gs
22Hz To 350Hz : 3.0 Gs
350Hz To 500Hz : 3.0 Gs

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