Shelly H&T – B/W

Shelly H&T – B/W

Првиот во светот – Сензор за температура и влажност на Wi-Fi работејќи над 1 година со батерија.
Следете ги прекумерните промени во влажноста. Избегнувајте сувост и услови за раст на мувлата. Бидете свесни за флуктуациите на температурата и одржувајте го вашиот дом удобно во секое време.

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The world’s first Wi-Fi Humidity & Temperature sensor
working over 1 year on battery!

What is Shelly H&T ?


Monitor excessive changes in humidity. Avoid dryness and conditions for mold growth.

Battery life up to 16 months

Feel more comfortable with the long-lasting battery life.


Connect Shelly H&T directly to your Wi-Fi.

USB power supply

USB power supply for Shelly H&T is an optional accessory that allows you to power the device with cable instead of a battery


Be aware of temperature fluctuations and keep your home comfortable at any time.

Easy control

The only thing you need to manage all your Shelly H&T devices is a mobile phone and the free Shelly Cloud application.

Free history on Cloud

With Shelly H&T you can see recorded data for humidity and temperature for up to a year.

Shelly H&T pin-out

Control Humidity in Your Home

Turn the cheapest heaters into smartest devices

With Shelly H&T and Shelly Plug, you can automatically control each electric heater.
Plug your old radiator through Shelly Plug into the socket.
Set the desired temperature to Shelly H&T for the whole day and you will no longer need to worry about high electricity bills.
The temperature will be exactly as you desired.

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