BRAVO LAN is a communication module designed for operation in BRAVO wireless intruder alarm systems.

The module is mounted into BRAVO panel via serial interface connection. The BRAVO LAN module sends messages for events to the user via MobileTTE smart phone application. The module can be programmed via ProsTE software or AJAX SP user web interface.

BRAVO LAN can also be used for remote management, programming and monitoring of the BRAVO system via AJAX SP user web interface.

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  • Built-in mounting in BRAVO panel
  • Serial interface connection on slot
  • Remote control via AjaxWEB* user interface or MobileTTE** smart phone application
  • Internet (AJAX SP software) remote programming of the BRAVO panel
  • Push Notification messages for events to user via AJAX SP (to MobileTTE)
  • Direct programming via ProsTE software
  • Remote control, management and programming via AJAX SP software and MobileTTE application

* AJAX SP is part of Ajax Server installation.
** MobileTTE is free mobile application for iOS or Android devices.

Connection to the panel On slot
LAN Settings Manual or Automatic

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