Conventional manual call point, with test key, for surface installation. Suitable for indoor. Red color. Includes resistance of 100 Ohm.-2W. Dimensions: 98 x 98 x 48 mm. CPR certificate EN54-11.

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The PCD-100 is a manual call point for conventional detection systems. It is compatible with Detnov’s conventional control panels and with addressable modules MAD-441 and MAD-442, and with most of the conventional control panels in the market.
The resettable manual call point PCD-100 has been developed for use in conventional fire detection installations. Once activated, it remains active until a manual reset is performed using the key.
The onventional manual call pointPCD-100 is an essential element for the manual alarm generation in the conventional system. The manual call point is connected directly to the zone (it includes 100 Ω 2W resistance for the alarm level in the conventional system).
Optional cover: TBD-450
Built-in supplement: SMD-450

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