SensoIRIS T110 IS

SensoIRIS T110 IS

SensoIRIS T110 IS is аn addressable heat detector with built-in isolator designed for installation in addressable fire alarm systems supporting TTE communication protocol.

The detector is powered on from the panel and can be controlled via the communication protocol.

The detector SensoIRIS T110 IS is compatible with fire base B124.

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  • Can work as a fixed temperature or rate of rise detector
  • Class, selectable from the control panel – A1/R, A2/S, B/S
  • Low profile design
  • LED indication with 360° visibility
  • Built-in isolator
  • EN54-5 and EN54-17 certified
Operating Voltage Range 16 – 32VDC (Nom. 27VDC)
Consumption in quiescent state, no communication < 170μA@27VDC
Consumption in quiescent state, with communication < 290μA@27VDC
Consumption in alarm state, with communication 6.5mA
Output in alarm state at terminal RI (terminals 4/ 1) 7.5 mA (max)/ 7.5V
Wire Gauge for terminals 0.4mm² – 2.0mm²
Operating temperature -10°C to +60°C
Protection IP30
Weight (including base) ~110g
Dimensions (including base) 103x42mm

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