BRAVO PSTN VD is a communication module with voice dialer for connecting to a telephone line, designed for operation with BRAVO series wireless control panels.

The module is mounted directly in the panel’s box on serial interface slot.

BRAVO PSTN VD module sends messages for events to 4 telephone numbers – to a monitoring center (CID or SIA communication protocol) or directly to User (User communication protocol – in case of alarm event the user will receive an incoming call from the system with melody message; or Voice dialer mode – sending of recorded messages for events).

This product is certified according the standard EN 50131, EN 50136-2, GRADE 2.

BRAVO PSTN VD communication module is programmed via ProsTE software or AjaxWEB* user interface.

* Requires mounted BRAVO GPRS/LAN module to the system configuration.

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  • Built-in mounting in the panel’s box
  • 4 telephone numbers for sending messages for events
  • 2GB Micro SD card for storing of the recorded messages
  • Personal User recording of the name of the protected site
  • Remote control using voice navigation (ARM/ DISARM) and reporting for the system status
  • LED indication for the telephone line status
  • Terminals for connecting the telephone line and the telephone device
  • Direct programming via ProsTE software
  • Remote control and programming via user web interface AjaxWEB*

* AjaxWEB is a part from the installation of Ajax Server.

Connection to the panel Interface connection on slot
Communication protocol SIA, CID, User, Voice dialer
Telephone numbers 4

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