Addressable monitor and control module with built-in isolator of 2 supervised technical inputs for the status signaling of equipment that provide NC or NO contact and 2 voltage-free relay outputs providing two non-resettable C, NO, NC contacts. It occupies four directions in the loop. Direct feed from the loop. LED status indicators. Connection through removable strips up to 2.5mm2 section. Possibility of being installed in DIN rail or flat to wall mounting in box BOX-ONE. Consumption less than 300μA at rest. Red color. Dimensions: 100 x 82 x 23 mm. CPR certificate EN54-18 and EN54-17.

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The range of MAD-400 modules has been developed to offer a wide and complete range of input and
output ports to be used with Detnov’s addressable fire control panels.
The MAD-400 modules allow performances and manoeuvres for the proper functioning of the fire
detection system, monitoring and/or acting according to the needs of the installation.
The MAD-400 modules have been designed to facilitate their installation process and they may be
installed using screws or fitted into a DIN rail. Each module is equipped with removable terminal
blocks and a LED status indicator. The addressing of the modules ir carried out through the PGD-200
programmer or auto addressing for isolator version.
The MAD-421 module provides 1 technical input and 1 free voltage relay output; the MAD-422 provides
2 technical inputs and 2 free voltage relay outputs. Inputs can be used to monitor any event that want
to have controlled and outputs can be used as a peripheral actuator to the fire detection system. In all
cases the modules act independently, being possible to assign specific manoeuvres to each of the inputs
and outputs.
The MAD-421 and MAD-422 modules take the power supply directly from the loop and assigned a
number of loop addresses according to the number of inputs available in the module.
The MAD-421-I and MAD-422-I modules are equipped with integrated isolator.
All the range of MAD-400 modules can be installed inside the BOX-ONE and BOX-SIX boxes

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