Indoor alarm sounder. 32 selectable tones. Power at 24Vdc / 7mA at 32mA according to tone. IP21. Red color. Acoustic power 95 up to 100 dB according to tone. CPR certificate EN54-3. Dimensions: 85×75 mm.

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The conventional sounders SCD-200 and SCD-210 are compatible with Detnov’s conventional control panels and
addressable sounder modules MAD-43X, and with the majority of the conventional panels in the market.
The sounders SCD-200 and SCD-210 are high efficiency sirens, low consumption and 32 configurable tones with EN 54-3 approval.
Efficient acoustics using piezo technology. This means that sounders emit a high quality tone with minimal power
consumption. SCD-200 low profile model and SCD-210 high profile model.
Available in white: SCD-200-W and SCD-210-W

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