SF100 WSST is а conventional fire alarm sounder with a strobe. The sounder supports 32 different alarm tone types selectable via DIP switches on the PCB.

The sounder has two inputs for connection to a conventional fire alarm panel:“Alarm” and “Evacuation”.
In case the two inputs are used, the “Evacuation” input always has a priority in activation.

SF100 WSST is designed for indoor use only. The sounder is easy for installation and consists of three parts: mounting plane basis, sounder and strobe combined in a common body and a plastic transparent cover.

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  • 32 sound types selectable from the panel
  • Piezo sounder
  • White LED flash
  • Transparent plastic case
  • Certified according to standard EN54 – part 3 and 23
Operating Voltage Range 20-28VDC
Maximal consumption (main tone type 27)
– low volume level, without strobe 8.5 mА @ 24VDC
– low volume level, with strobe 12 mА @ 24VDC
– high volume level, without strobe 22mA @ 24VDC
– high volume level, with strobe 25mA @ 24VDC
Sound volume (main tone type 27)
– low volume 87-96dB @ 1m
– high volume 95-104dB @ 1m
Sound volume (other tone types)
– low volume 82-98dB @ 1m
– high volume 85-104dB @ 1m
Frequency of the strobe flashing 1Hz
Wire Gauge for terminals 0.2 – 1.5mm2
Operating temperature -10°C ÷ +60°C
IP Protection IP21C
Relative humidity resistance (93 ± 3)% @ +40°C
Color white transparent
Material SAN
Weight ~248g
Dimensions 102x32mm

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