TCP / IP communication card for our conventional CCD-100 or addressable CAD-150 control panels. Remote monitoring and control of the fire alarm control panel through Detnov Cloud application.

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Detnov Cloud is the solution of remote connectivity settled in the cloud that the maintainers were waiting
This solution will allow them to offer new services to their customers, through an application that is
installed on mobile phones, tablets or computers. It allows to know, in real time, the information of the
entire park of its facilities, with remote monitoring and control, if the pertinent permits are available,
activation and desactivation of zones or devices remotely.
The TCP/IP communication card with reference TED-151-CL is installed inside the range of conventional
control panels CCD-100 series or addressable control panels CAD-150 series, which allows us to connect
our control panels to the Internet through the Ethernet port that comes on the communication card.
Benefit from the total control of your fire alarm systems through a single application, intuitive and easy to
use, from anywhere and at any time. Connected to Google Maps to locate the installation and thus guide
the technician easily to their destination.
Access to Detnov Cloud is by password to protect unauthorized access, you can also discriminate its
use, only monitor or total access (monitor and control).

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